Naturcamping Kuprian

A place full of history

Family run campsite since 1959

The Ötztaler nature-campsite in Längenfeld/Huben was first opened in 1959 by the bricklayer Alfons Kuprian. With the consent of the farmers, he converted the meadows into a campsite. The main building, which is now the café “Bein Ernst”, was also built there. In 1967, Alfons died and his wife Sophie continued to run the business – though with five children this was no easy task. Later, Armin, a son of Alfons, ran the business.

In 1986, the campsite was renamed “Ötztaler Naturcampingplatz” and with the new name, the current owner Ernst Kuprian – Armin’s brother – finally found his way to the campsite. In the following years, the campsite was continuously expanded. In 1989 the sanitary building was erected and three years later Ernst Kuprian installed connections for TV, electricity, gas, water and sewage. In 2006 the main building was renovated following a fire.



Where camping is still camping
Tradition to date

Ernst and Bernadette Kuprian successfully run the campsite under the motto “where camping is still camping". He values tradition and a natural campsite that respects its surroundings.

In 2010 Ernst Kuprian built a mill, offering guests a somewhat different experience in the nature-campsite Ötztal. Since 2022, son Simon has been running the campsite with his family. In the course of the takeover, the main building was extensively renovated and the restaurant was leased to known restaurateurs.


Where camping is still campingWhere camping is still camping
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